The Clutch Story


It all started with a simple white tee, which was an integral piece of any young boy's wardrobe in the early 2000s. I had at least 1 plain t-shirt (usually 2 sizes too big) in every color and I used to mix and match with y jeans and fitted hats, mostly because I couldn't afford big name brands. Fast forward a few years and it was graphic t-shirts from retail stores where I used to be tons of them for parties, vacations and just my everyday wardrobe. But eventually, I grew tired of those t-shirts as they did not speak to my unique personality and always felt there were missing that element of inspiration. So out of that need for inspiration, Clutch Life 85 was born.

Clutch Life 85 represents Triumph in the Face of Adversity.

We only seek the thrill of victory and turn the agony of defeat into a lust to conquer all obstacles. We draw inspiration from the high pressure moments in sports and the everyday pursuit of our wildest dreams. We fuse elements of traditional streetwear with new forms of custom print, giving you more control of what you wear and how you wear it. We conceptualize a world where all dreams are possible, making every piece of clothing more meaningful and personal.

Every design seeks to inspire you in some way and remind you to "clutch your dreams". We give you the option to customize our designs so that is is exclusive and unique to you! This is what makes us unique; this is what makes us "clutch". We hope you join us and live the Clutch Life everyday!

Stay Clutch,

Jenyo Aladejebi (Founder)