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Where Sports meets Lifestyle and History meets Fashion

Clutch Life 85 is a sports lifestyle brand for the everyday champion. Founded in 2014 as a custom graphic t-shirt line, it has evolved into a canvas for creativity and inspiration by transforming everyday style into lifestyle fashion.

Now, we are focusing on telling the stories of Black contributions to sports by fusing historical moments with modern fashion. 

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We want you to wear our clothing because you are inspired, and not because of status. 


Live the Clutch Life

Born in Nigeria in 1985 and raised in the vibrant community of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, my upbringing was steeped in the values of education, family, and faith. But it was the journey from Nigeria to Canada, from humble beginnings to corporate heights, that ignited the fire within me to create something meaningful, something that would not just reflect my journey, but the journey of countless others like me.

Growing up, I never had the flyest gear and simple couldn't afford the name brands which was fine because most of them simply didn't inspire me. My motivation for this brand is to inspire you through creative design and innovative clothing. It's to live the meaning of "clutch' which is to perform under pressure. The high pressure situations of life are the times where we shine the most. It's to persevere in spite of adversity and succeed against all odds. I hope you learn to Live the Clutch Life!

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Our Mission is Clear

To honor the often-overlooked contributions of Black athletes to the world of sports and to do so through the lens of modern fashion. Imagine, if you will, a hockey league that predates the NHL, a league where Black players not only participated but thrived. The Colored Hockey League, established in 1895, was a beacon of excellence and innovation, giving birth to the slapshot and forever changing the game. Yet, its legacy has been overshadowed by history. With our Hidden History Collection, we aim to shine a light on this forgotten chapter, commemorating teams like the Africville Seasides and the Truro Victorias, ensuring that their contributions are remembered and celebrated.

We don't just sell clothing; we tell OUR stories

Hidden History

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Story of Africville

A historically Black community nested in the Bedford Basin of Halifax, Nova Scotia which became home to generations of Black Nova Scotians in search of freedom!

Despite facing systemic racism, its residents built a strong, close-knit community, complete with a school, the historical Seaview United Baptist Church which was a beacon of the community.

In the 1960s, the City of Halifax destroyed Africville, removed residents and demolished homes under the guise of urban renewal.

Today, the site where Africville once stood is a memorial park, serving as a poignant reminder of the community and its resilience. To preserve this legacy, we tell the story of Africville through the Colored Hockey League and the hometown team, the Africville Seasides!


The Legend of the Chatham All-Stars

The Chatham Colored All-Stars were one of the first All Black baseball teams in Canada and were the first All Black team to win a OBAA (Ontario Baseball Amateur Association) championship in 1934

A community built on the premise of establishing integration & freedom, Chatham-Kent-Buxton in Southwestern, Ontario became home to a group of friends who broke barriers all because they loved the game of baseball, but were not accept in traditional baseball leagues. So, they created a league of their own, literally!

With their popularity and winning mentality, showed the larger Baseball community that there is room for more Black people in sports outside of the single players chosen to break the color barrier - so they were playing against all white teams in US & Canada BEFORE Jackie Robinson made history in the MLB in 1947.


Our Sports History Through Fashion

Clutch Life 85 isn't just a brand; it's a testament to the power of self-expression and cultural celebration. It's about taking the threads of our past and weaving them into the fabric of our present and future. Our mission is clear: to honor the often-overlooked contributions of Black athletes to the world of sports and to do so through the lens of modern fashion.

With our Hidden History Collection, we celebrate the players, the teams, and the communities that have shaped our history and continue to inspire us today. And with each garment we create, whether it's a tee, a jogging suit, or a hoodie, we invite our customers to join us on this journey of discovery and appreciation.

We hope you see the value in embracing our historical stories with modern, quality fashion and give you the knowledge to share with your friends and family.


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