Our Story


Made for the Everyday Champion

Clutch Life 85 is a sports lifestyle brand for the everyday champion. Founded in 2014 as a custom graphic t-shirt line, it has evolved into a canvas for creativity and inspiration by transforming everyday style into lifestyle fashion.

Streetwear has left the "streets" and now lives in a luxurious penthouse, overpriced and out of touch. Clutch Life 85 is bringing fashion back to its roots with powerful designs that have meaning and purpose. 

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We want you to wear our clothing because you are inspired, and not because of status. 


Live the Clutch Life

Growing up, I never had the flyest gear and simple couldn't afford the name brands which was fine because most of them simply didn't inspire me. My motivation for this brand is to inspire you through creative design and innovative clothing. It's to live the meaning of "clutch' which is to perform under pressure. The high pressure situations of life are the times where we shine the most. It's to persevere in spit of adversity and succeed against all ods. I hope you learn to Live the Clutch Life

Our Mission

Clothing may seem like an accessible commodity but not everyone has the luxury of updating their wardrobe every season. This is why we are making it our mission to provide clothing for 500 individuals this year by implementing clothing drives and providing donations of our own gear to do our part in fulfilling this need in our community. It will helps us be more conscious of our own production efforts as we attempt to provide more sustainable ways of running a clothing business knowing that much of our inventory can be used to support more community-based initiatives. This is how we can be "clutch" for our community.


It's a Clutch World


Innovative Clothing

Stylish and functional clothing


Creative Design

We make designs that have a deeper meaning and history behind it. We always look to put our culture on display and change the narrative.


Customize to fit your style

Custom options to make our brand more personal to you. Plus, we have custom printing available.


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