Retro Summer Lookbook

Retro Summer Lookbook

When you hear the word Retro, what comes to mind? Your mind may venture to bell bottoms, daisy dukes, large afros and of course..tie dye! Tie-Dye and Dye blend tees have made a crazy comeback in the fashion space with retail, streetwear and luxury brands all dropping their own dye blended tees. Back in the day, tie-dyes were pretty standard with big bright colors...purples, pinks, light blues and the list goes on with typical spiral patterns. These days, the tie dye combinations are endless with darker hues and a variety of patterns that are way more versatile for everyday fashion. So, for our Retro Summer Collection, we wanted to work with different dye blends while combining our new World design but we couldn't just keep the design as is. We moved from single color to a 3 color design to better showcase the colors of t-shirt and we feel it's to DYE for. 

For our shoot, we wanted to highlight a natural setting with darker, neutral tones so Kariya Park in Mississauga, Ontario was the perfect spot. If you haven't been, Kariya Park is a Japanese inspired with Zen garden, traditional Japanese architecture and cherry blossoms. When we actually arrived to shoot at the location, it started pouring rain and the conditions were not ideal for an outdoor shoot. But when I tell you I am surrounded by Clutch People, I am not lying. The amazing models ThisisVickyRo, Love_Crimes95 & AfroCaribSweetness thugged it out in the rain and the shots came out amazing. 

Our Retro Collection has dropped with our new Dye options including Tie-Dye and Vintage Dye Tees to give you the contrast between bright colors and neutral tones so you can be versa-style in your everyday fashion. 

When we said it was raining, we weren't lying. But when you are around really fun people, you make the best out of the situation. Here are some bonus shots of us playing around in the rain with our Clutch Windbreakers.

A big thank you to the amazing and beautiful models that spent a day out in the rain without one complaint. They made the best out of a bad situation and I can't appreciate these awesome women enough. Follow them on social as they are all doing some amazing things. Stay tuned for more from us this Summer and beyond! Stay Clutch!