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Mentorship is a Major Key



Everyone should have access to a mentor, especially young adults. For me, having a mentor at a young age would've made a world of difference not only for my career trajectory, but life in general. It's great to have parents, older siblings and even friends that can serve as mentors but not everyone close to us has the skillset to guide you towards success. That is where mentors can be of most value as they are equipped with the knowledge and perspective to change lives. 

The Clutch Mentorship Program is is strictly for those who want to share knowledge with younger people in order to empower them towards their goals. We are building out this program to serve a need in our community to network and inspire the future-preneurs of tomorrow and we need your help! We are looking to collaborate with veterans who are experienced in their industry and respective fields. No specific amount of experience, but enough to share you lessons, losses and wins with someone who is looking to be in a similar place in the future. As a mentor, you MUST be willing to dedicate your time and effort regularly to ensure the success of the person you are working with, but also this program. It will not be like other programs where it is a set it and forget it type of vibe. As J.Cole said "no role models", we are going to change that. We are building a collective of professionals who want to pour back into the community and are passionate about being a positive role model. The vision is to build a trusted 

Mentors will be paired with a mentee who is interested in a particular area of interest, expertise or business. Mentors will be required to be available to work with one or more mentees depending on availability.

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