Weekend Recap: Canada Day Long Weekend

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If you are like us, then you are coming off a hectic and eventful long weekend in the beautiful city of Toronto. You know it is officially summer when Canada Day long weekend arrives and the TDOT provides a vast array of events that includes amazing food, great music, bright fireworks and even a large celebration in our nation's capital in Ottawa.
This Canada Day, we were out and about taking in all the sights and sounds that this city has to offer and we had an amzing time. Here is our recap in case you missed out:
Day 1: July 1st, Canada Day
There was no shortage of things to do with a whole list of events and parties kicking off the weekend. There were plenty of boatrides and rooftop patio parties to partake in not to mention that amazing events at the Harbourfront! This year, we decided to induldge in RIBFEST, at Centennial Park. This was our first time attending and boy, we will not miss out ever again! We arrived fairly early around 4pm and the line to get in was very short but inside, the seating areas were packed and the stages were full with lively performances. The first thing that caught our attention was the massive billboards that encapsulated each individual rib vendor, all boasting the BEST RIBS IN NORTH AMERICA and all showing off their respective awards and signature sauces.
A friend of ours suggested that the key is to sample the sauce, and if you like the sauce, then most likely you will LOVE the ribs. So, we took her advice, sampled and ended up landing on a rib shop called Cam 31, but it was definitely hard to choose. The ribs were absolutely amazing and we devoured a full rack in minutes. After that, we realized why many people were walking about with 2, 3 or 4 boxes of full rack ribs, it is something you can't get enough of.
Apart from Ribs, other stations included an absolutely mouth watering Funnel Cake station and you know we had to grab a Red Velvet Funnel Cake which last all about 2 minutes. The funnel cake was soft, warm, golden brown with cream cheese icing and vanilla ice cream with strawberries, that alone will leave you satisfied.
Red Velvet Funnel Cake
We also grabbed a couple ciders and listened to a band performing some timeless classics. After a few hours, we decided to head out before passing out on the lawn and grabbed some Sweet Roasted Corn on the way out. We didn't get to stay for the fireworks show but we are sure that was also as appealing to the eyes as the ribs were to the taste buds! Will not miss this next year as it is perfect for a date, with friends and with your family!
July 1st, 10pm: Fireworks show at Harbourfront
Now there are a few places to take in Fireworks on Canada Day with some of the popular places being Canada's Wonderland, Downsview Park, Centennial Park (Ribfest) and of course the Harbourfront. We elected to watch at the Harbourfront and headed there around 10pm with hundreds of people headed in the same direction. People lined up close to the dock of the water or grabbed a seat on the grass and waited anxiously for the show to begin. After waiting for about an hour (long wait in the dark) the show started and was definitely worth the wait. The fireworks lit up the sky in all colors from blues to reds to whites that reflected off the water beautifully.
Little pauses in between gave the impression that the show was over. But when the fireworks started up again, the crowd applauded with even more excitement. Several couples were out holding hands and looking up to the sky while children sat on their Father's shoulders for a better view. The show lasted about 30 mins and the crowd applauded with satisfaction. What a beautiful way to celebrate a beautiful country on a beautiful day. Shoutouts to he organizers who really know how to keep the crowd happy. For some reason, Drake's song "Fireworks" came to mind.
July 2nd, 1pm, Blue Jays vs Cleveland Indians
This age old Canada Day Long Weekend tradition was another first for us, not our first baseball game, but the first one we have attended on any long weekend so we were definitely excited and hoping for an action packed game. We  just seem to have a knack for choosing the right things at the right time. We elected for the 500 level where all the real fans are and of course, we got a dose of just that. One young man was dared to start "The Wave" and he valiantly got up and stood in the middle of the aisle and gave a speech that motivated the 510 and 511 sections to start the classic wave.
Mind you, fans don't do the wave like they used to and although it took a couple tries, the low tide slowly grew into a full blown tidal wave going all the way around the top level of the Rogers Centre and then catchnig on the bottom level.
Apart from a little fandom, the game was filled with non stop action and there had already been 4 total runs by the 3rd inning. By the 7th inning stretch it was tied up 6-6 and there was already a fear that this may go extra innings like the previous game, which went all the way to the 17th inning. But with Homers from Donaldson and some great defensive plays, the Jays pulled out a great win.
It was so action packed that if you look at your phone to update your status since the Rogers Centre give free wi-fi or you wanted to grab a beer for you and your buddies, you might have missed a hit, strikeout and a homer. Not all Jays games are this exciting but even if you are not a big baseball fan, the Canada Day games are always a good way to get started. This is Clutch Recommended, tested and approved!
July 2nd 5:30pm, Warehouse on Queen St.
If you haven't heard about Warehouse, then you have been living under a really big rock. Warehouse has become the go to spot for food and drink lovers in the Queen West area of downtown Toronto. Not only do they have signature drinks but boast a menu where everything is $5. Now mind you with a price like that comes with some pitfalls and this is not related to the quality of food but you just may have to wait a while to get in as the lines grown extremely long and wait times for food also extend past times you may be accustomed to. But all definitely worth the wait. With a friendly and relaxed staff your wait can be filled with laughter and jokes from friends and meeting new people. All in all, great food, great drinks at a super reasonable price can never fail, make sure you check out Warehouse if you are in the TDOT.
July 3rd, 6pm, Family BBQ
After a couple days of being on the go, it was nice to settle in at home and have some BBQ with close friends and family. Canada Day is not only about celebrating our country, but celebrating the freedom to share this joy with our closest family and friends. All the vents and activities only encourage quality time with those you love and bring out people near and far to catch up over some some good food and an ice cold drink. If you don't believe, feast your eyes on our personal grilling skill, bbq pork chops. 
Whether you were out and about watching fireworks. lighting them up yourself, enjoying the Jays game, eating amazing ribs or just chilling at home catching up on Orange is the New Black, this Canada Day long weekend was one for the books. Next year will be even bigger and better as we will be celebrating 150 amazing years. Don't forget to represent for Toronto, Canada all day everyday with our North Strong and Free TDOT Tee available for order and check out our Worldwide Collection for more amazing ways to represent who you are and where you are from!  Comment below and let us know what you were up to for Canada Day! Til next time, stay Clutch!
Clutch Life 85 Team
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