The New Clutch Life 85

The New Clutch Life 85

It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost 5 years since Clutch Life 85 officially launched (yes that’s 2014 for all y'all math wizards)! Needless to say, our name doesn’t ring through the streets like Supreme, OffWhite, The Hundreds or Johnny Cupcakes but we are out here making a name for ourselves regardless and that’s all the really matters!

I launched this brand with a passion for creativity, design and just making plain ol' tees look better. Mostly so I had a better excuse for not having to dress up but don’t get it twisted, mans can clean up nice when I have to eh? Either way, our first 2 designs brought us into the crazy-dark-twisted-fantasy of a world called streetwear/brand apparel and gave us a way to express our passions. One being this amazing utopia called Toronto where growing up here is a vibe that only those who were here in the 90s (all yall 2000s babies wouldn’t understand) can describe but we were able to capture it’s original essence in our classic TDOT design.

Streetwear | Clutch Life 85 | Toronto T-shirts T-Dot

The second being a simple idea: that the term "clutch" is not just for athletes, it is for us all. This design blended style typography with a graffiti style effect that etched the word “Clutch” across your chest, the word no longer being this unattainable idiom that only the all-time greats hold, but one you can claim for ya damn self!

Streetwear | Clutch Life 85 | Graphic T-shirts

I felt so proud with these designs and I’m pretty sure they will stand the test of time! Flash forward to now where we have built out both concepts into entire collections which transitioned our brand from a one-off “hey that’s a nice t-shirt” to “let’s make this shit a lifestyle”; and that right there is our mission. Clutch is not what you wear, it’s how you live and if you embrace the Clutch Life itself, you will find that you have more skills, more passion, more drive, more ambition and more dreams than you know! To put it simply, Clutch is more Bo Jackson than Babe Ruth, its more Lebron than Jordan (or maybe a bit of both) and it’s more do what you want than do what your are good at, because guess what.. you are good at a lot of shit!

For me personally, Clutch Life 85 represents Triumph in the Face of Adversity. We only seek the thrill of victory and turn the agony of defeat into the lust for conquer all obstacles. We draw inspiration from the high pressure moments in sports and the everyday pursuit of our wildest dreams. We fuse elements of traditional streetwear with new forms of custom print, giving you more control of what you wear and how you wear it. We conceptualize a world where all dreams are possible, making every piece of clothing more meaningful and personal. This has lead us to providing a new way for our amazing Clutch Peeps to inject their own sense of style and creativity with out CUSTOM Collection. We want to be the first fully customizable brand, giving you endless styles and colors to truly create 1 of 1 pieces. Not only that, we are giving you more of what you love from our T-DOT and CLUTCH collections, pushing boundaries with exclusive collaborations and bolder designs. We want you to be a part of this journey as we all embrace and live the Clutch Life when we win against all odds, hurdle the obstacles of life and prove ourselves right; that we can do ANYTHING!

Check out our Summer 2019 Lookbook that features Clutch II (our sequel to the original Clutch Design), Link Up and the new T-DOT Klaw tees that will have you repping the T-DOT here & there, home & away, in the city & abroad (and don’t worry about Kawhi leaving, mans are going for a 2peat in 2020). Seriously though, we value any and all feedback even if you are a mark ass hater who wants to talk grease, its all good! Drop us a note, like, comment, share and Stay Clutch!

Check out our awesome new collections, drop us a note and let us know what you think!


Streetwear | Clutch Life 85 | Long Sleeve T-shirts

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Love this! Awesome blog – more please! This is great: Clutch is not what you wear, it’s how you live and if you embrace the Clutch Life itself, you will find that you have more skills, more passion, more drive, more ambition and more dreams than you know!

Jennifer Dunton

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