The Clutch Mode Challenge

The Clutch Mode Challenge

We welcome you with open arms to an exclusive group of committed individuals looking to better themselves. What started with a promise to a few, has come to be a yearly tradition for many. For 8 weeks, we strive to stay active or attempt a workout, every single day, no rest no days off. This is the basis of the Clutch Mode Challenge.


For those of us who have a hard time staying consistent at the gym, our solution is to unify the effort and consistency. And we don’t necessarily do this because we want to get jacked (although that would be incredible), it’s more about staying motivated and focused towards our goals. The underlying belief of the Clutch Mentality is any dream is possible with some inspiration, support and a whole lot of focus.

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Anyone and everyone who is brave enough to try, we encourage them to participate. This isn’t simply for the super fit but also for those who want to achieve their ideal body goals. Changing the physical first involves changing the mental and as such embracing the Clutch Mentality will help you start your challenge.


Right the hell now. Commit to the challenge and start, even if its with a jog or a bike ride or a brisk walk around the block. It doesn’t take a whole lot to take the first step and get the ball rolling.


Being a somewhat experienced Clutch Moder, I’ve looked up some daily exercises that work for me. I start with a cardio warm up for at least 10 mins. Then I start my routine and target a specific area whether it be upper body (chest, arms) back (pull exercises like pull-ups, back rows etc), abs, core exercises and of course legs! Throw in some sports, yoga, dance classes to help balance your workouts and gives a little fun variety over the 8 weeks that will prove to be very challenging.

The moral of the story: do what works for you, set your goal and go for it. Listen to your body, go hard when you can and take it easy when you are feeling drained. The MOST important thing is that you remain active and do something every single day.

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