Key to the City: Miami's Art District

One of my favorite places to in the TDOT are the graffiti alleys behind Queen Street West Downtown Toronto. I just love the amazing art and colors that bring life to those dark alleys. So on my trip to Miami this year for Carnival (after 5 days of nonstop fun jumping and waving) I decided to explore Miami's Art District especially since I heard from several sources that the art scene in Miami is a big deal and the Wynwood Walls were on a different level.

I am always inspired by the creative process and as a creative person myself, it's awesome to see how others create their masterpieces and seeing these large intricate and detailed murals was absolutely fascinating to me. Some of the paintings covered the sides of entire buildings. Some depicting notable celebrities while others telling an entire different story that was hard to figure out. What I find particularly intriguing  is thinking about what inspired the artist to create that particular painting.
This journey was all about inspiration and some of the murals sought to do just that, like the Muhammad Ali mural that was adjacent to a boxing ring.
And even some were inspired by America's politics, with two murals depicting Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, in not so flattering images but the artist clearly has a message about the state of this Presidential Race. I particularly love the Pokemon caricature :)
After walking for some time, my girlfriend and I ended up grabbing some CitiBikes to better explore the area and that was just lovely time in itself. Although we got lost and spent an extra 30 mins riding aimlessly to find another station,  it allowed me to see some interesting things including a dude on a skateboard with a snake wrapped around his neck who ended up photobombing one of the pics.
As a creator, my inspiration comes from anywhere including family, friends, life experiences, pop culture, music and of course art. There is always a message which each of my designs but I want my t-shirts to remind people of their greatness and inspire to chase their dreams. Whatever your canvas is, whether it is wall, piece of paper, or t-shirts like me, make sure you share the full range of your creativity with the world, because you never know who it may inspire.  
Speaking of inspiration, this year I turned 31 and the past year has been a wild ride to say the least but I can say I am truly blessed to be on this journey. Being an entrepreneur and going for your dream is the hardest thing ever. Sometimes, I have a conversation with my business similar to the one Jerry Maguire had with Rod Tidwell in the bathroom scene (my all time fav), Jerry being me, my business being the egotistical and demanding Tidwell.
It indeed feels like an up-at-dawn pride swallowing seige but at the end of the day, that seige is often necessary to achieve absolute victory in the daily pursuit of the "Quan" ( okay that is enough Jerry Maguire references). What I am trying to say, is that it's the hard stuff is what makes it both challenging and rewarding and this is what I mean when I say Clutch Your Dreams; it is to push despite the limitations and hold onto your dreams tight until they are permanently in your grasp. Born Winners never stop until they win at whatever they set out to do. And being as I was born in 1985, I had to come Clutch (as always) and rep the greatest year to be born (I am biased obviously). But whatever year you are born, Clutch Life 85 wants to remind you that you were born to do something absolutely incredible and you should set out to do whatever it is, and let nothing stop you. If you like the new 1985 Tee, pre-order your here:
As always. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure in Miami. Always trying to give you the Keys to the City because it ain't CLUTCH if I don't :)
Leave a comment, like, share and tell me what or where you get your inspiration from.
Stay Clutch!
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