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What up Clutch Peeps! It’s that time of year again! No, I am not talking about the Clutch Mode Challenge (although that is in the works). I'm talking about the Clutch Care Packages that I send out to some of my biggest supporters as a token of my appreciation. This is the 3rd year and I can't think of a better way to appreciate my customers! I mean anyone can buy a t-shirt but there are some people who go out their way to buy products for themselves, their family and friends and that sh*t right there is priceless! Like really, what brand, business or company you know gives a gift to their fav customers?

I’ll wait…


So, I started doing this for a few reasons:

 1) The support I get goes beyond a simple order transaction. The fact that people believe enough in the brand and the meaning behind it makes me want to do more for those same people.

 2) There are so many amazing businesses out there that we meet throughout the years that we want to support! I can’t always purchase products for myself (like make up kits from my home girl EV Cosmetics , mostly because she don't have my shade lol jks). So, I can use the opportunity to purchase their products and give them away... I know.. I'm like... so nice right? (becky voice)

 3) It always feels good to give back in a genuine way that has impact on so many levels. This helps us show love to our loyal customers while promoting other local businesses and creating more valuable connections for my business. It's legit a Win-Win-Win situation! (cue Jay-Rock)

Our Clutch Care Packages provide me with the opportunity to support amazing entrepreneurs while doing something special for those who spend their hard earned money on some Clutch Gear. This year, I had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals for our care packages.

First, shoutouts to my amazing Naija Sistah Omowunmi of Omo Bamboo Shop who has all sustainable products and about doing her part to save the environment. Check out her amazing line of products here.

Second, is my new friend Chenneil of All Mine Naturals, whose mission is to enrich homes with high quality 100% all natural products.  Check out her amazing soaps, hair care and skin care products. She even hooked me up with a little something for my beard:

Last but not least, I've had the pleasure of working with Valerie of Ms Lite It Up products (LiteItUpBodySpa) and I instantly fell in love with her amazing line of incense, body butters, body oils, beard oils, beard balm, candles etc. I mean, she has everything you need, and I'm a big fan of her products.

These amazing businesses are just a sample of the crazy, awesome, and driven talent we have hidden in this city and our Care Packages are just our way of showing them and our Clutch Peeps our appreciation. I know its not the holiday season but we don't need a reason to appreciate and support people. After we are Clutch all day, everyday! Please show some love to your friends, family and acquaintances who have a business. Trust it goes a long way! 


I ain't the best at wrapping but I can pack a box really well :)

It took a while because I am not good at wrapping gifts but the Clutch Care Packages are set and ready to go! These are just the first 5 but there are many more we are sending out:

If you know an amazing business, let us know in the comments or tag them on our posts on Instagram! Stay Clutch!


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I really loved the thank you package… especially the all natural products…
Thanks for customizing my gear to incorporate my Love for my island Dominica..


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