Black Owned Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Black Owned Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Black-Owned Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The perfect gift is at your fingertips!

T'was the night before Christmas, and all throughout Toronto, people rushed to the stores for last minute gifts. Not knowing, all the sons, daughters, wives and husbands pleaded for something new;  hoping another warm & fuzzy sock or ugly sweater would not appear in their stockings. Well, this year, Black Santa has his bag full of amazing products that you can't always find in stores.

Shopping Black-Owned is not just a hashtag but it is a necessity as these local businesses with unique products actually need your support to survive. I mean, Walmart and Amazon are great (no, we are not telling you to stop shopping there even though your are funding Jeff Bezos' space adventures) but you can easily divert a good portion of your budget to buy something from a small business, especially if it is Black-Owned. So, in case you are wondering where all these amazing businesses are, look no further! We have our annual Black-Owned Gift Guide to help you get some amazing and personalized gifts for your family, friends and loved ones. These are just a few that we have supported this year through our Clutch Care Packages, but check out our post from last year if you need more ideas.

Tropixx Beauty

If you are ordering any type of health and beauty products this holiday season and beyond, Tropixx Beauty must be on your list. Their assortment of island-inspired body butters, lip scrubs, soaps, washes, and feminine products will definitely have you feeling all the warm-fuzzies this holiday season. I personally love their Rum Butter which is a whipped body butter that leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized, without the oily feeling that some other brands have. Fellas, they have a Beard Mist that will keep your bearding looking healthy and shining like the island Sun, and you know the ladies dig the beards. Be sure to pay them a visit and get you something from their tropical selection.

Flaev Spice Co.

We are so excited to introduce you to this awesome business, although they need no introduction since they are bringing all the flaev-or for the holidays, literally! Meet Flaev Spice Co., premium spice blends that are hand-crafted in small batches. For me, I find that the selection in the grocery stores gives me a long list of spices I have to combine on my own to get the flavor I want but now, I got Flaev for my everyday spice needs. Their amazing spice blends include: Jerk, Cajun, Meko (Spicy Bouillon), and OG Flaev All Purpose Seasoning so they got something for everybody. Not to mention, all their spice and seasoning blends are vegan, and free of MSG & GMO which makes Flaev the MVP of Spice Blends :) To take it up a notch, they got some classic recipes and some music to match while you are cooking up some Blackened Cajun Chicken with some Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, the perfect combination! Check out Flaev Spice Co. online to cop their Holiday Pack and make sure your holiday menu is on point!

Flaev Holiday Gift Set

Omo Bamboo Shop

Omobambooshop is a Clutch Care Package all-star and is no stranger to giving back since that is one of the missions behind the business. it is one of the few zero waste stores in the GTA and possibly the only one that is Black-Owned. The founder Omowunmi, continues to provide you with an infinite amount of products to eliminate single use plastics and reduce your carbon footprint while never compromising on quality. From body care to cooking products, it is a one-stop shop for your daily needs. I've personally been a huge fan with some of my personal favs including: bamboo toothbrushes, sunglasses, kitchen utensil sets and the reusable silicon pads for the oven, which I use daily. Also, the Bamboo Infuser Mug is perfect for tea lovers and keeps your drink warm for hours, yes, HOURS. Not to mention, she just released some body butters and handmade crafts so there is no shortage of supplies. Be sure to make a trip to her store on 777 Warden Ave in Scarborough, check her at a variety of markets throughout the city or if you are an online shopper you can find her on Etsy, here: 

Bamboo Mug with Infuser

Cubed Style

I stumbled upon this company which came highly recommended from a friend and after contacting the owners, I found out that I've know the owners since high school, Scarborough stand up!!! Anyways, this family-run business includes a trio of sisters that are pumping out some of the finest body butters made with love. These are all natural butters that will leave your skin and hair feeling silky, smooth and healthy. They have a ton of flavours for any occasion, even a Choco and Candy Cane for the holidays. Apart from that, they got Champ, Collabo, Cypher, all made from natural oils and extracts that fit their names. Did you notice anything about the product names? I won't spoil it for you but visit their website to see if you can figure it out. Fellas, if you need something to win over your significant other this holiday season, put Cubed Style on your list asap! Take a look at  their website and show some love!

Candy Cane Holiday Gift Set

MDB Essentials

The business is brand new to the Clutch Care Packages team and I'm so happy this person reached out to be part of it. Men's Grooming is essential to a man's confidence and MDB Essentials has everything you need to stay fresh for the holidays and the New Year. Ladies, if you are tired of chasing your man around the house trying to get him to trim his beard (just a tad) and file those long ass fingernails down, MDB will have your man with his hair did, nails did, everyting did! Fellas, spruce up maintenance routine with their beard wash, beard oil, comb and exfoliating face scrub, and keep your special lady blushing and thanking Black Santa for this gift. But my fav is a mani/pedi set that comes with tweezers, extractors, nose hair trimmers, reusable cotton swab and so much more. Fellas, long gone are the days where just clipping your fingernails will suffice. We gotta do some self-care and maintain the weeds and the bushes just as much as the ladies. If you are serious about your self- care, make sure you check out MDB on Instagram for all your grooming essentials.

Ganvas Beauty

Speaking of getting your hair did, Ganvas Beauty got the hook up! A hair and beauty brand focused on making Black women look and feel even more beautiful than they already are, Ganvas Beauty has the perfect hair styles and accessories to keep your hair looking like everyday is Christmas. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a wig bag before so I thought this was genius! And I think the ladies would agree that using coat racks and over the door hangers for your wigs is very outdated (no disrespect). Not only that, you can schedule an appointment online for their Hamilton location for wig installs, customizations, root touch up, wash & style and the list goes on. Needless to say, they are the experts when it comes to hair and wig care. That being said, Ganvas Beauty has some amazing products for the ladies so as always, be sure to check them out, show some love and support.

Wrap It Up

If you are like me, I'm definitely a last minute shopper but I also hate going to the mall...just ask my wife. But if you do end up in the malls, you can check Black Owned Toronto with locations in Scarborough Town Centre and Eaton Centre who host a collection of products from hundreds of BOBs (Black Owned Businesses) all over the city. So, not all my gifts will be received on Christmas day but you know what they say, better late than never right? That is just to say, your support means a lot during the holidays but much more beyond the times where we are prepared to spend a little extra money on some gifts. So what if these won't come right before Christmas, you were going to go to Walmart, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond for those 3 wick candles anyways, so why not have a late gift come in just in times for New Years?

Spending Black-Owned and shopping local for the holidays shows that you put some thought into your gifts and that you actually "searched" (not just on google) for something unique, personal and meaningful. As a Black Business Owner myself,  every dollar you spend doesn't go into my pockets but goes back into making more amazing products that my customers love. This is why over the past 3 years, we've spent close to $3,000 with local Black-Owned Businesses for this initiative alone, because we believe in the power of the Black Dollar, and we want to give just as much support as we get from our customers. So, may this Christmas be a very special Christmas for you, your family, and many of the Black-Owned businesses who will see a little boost of love this season and for years to come. Have a Clutch Christmas, and stay blessed.

Editor credit : Patricia Awosiyan