Weekend Recap: Q in the Community at Markham Fairgrounds

Weekend Recap: Q in the Community at Markham Fairgrounds

Hey Clutch Peeps,

If you got the chance to go out this past weekend, there is a high chance you had a blast. The weather proved to provide the perfect atmosphere for many outdoor events that featured music, dance and food such as S.O.S Fest (Summer of Soca) and S.O.R. (Summer of Reggae), Bryson Tiller at Echo Beach and plenty other events and parties. However, there was one event that we happened to be a part of, and that is the Q in the Community debut in Toronto on June 5. Q in the Community is a popular media outlet in Barbados and they decided to bring their signature  event to Toronto, in celebration for the 50th Independence for Barbados. Given that there is a massive Bajan community in Toronto, it was a perfect combination.

The weather did not disappoint and Markham Fairgrounds was transformed into lively scene, bringing that island vibe with Bajan delicacies and food, souvenirs, soca and dance. The dance floor stay packed from early afternoon into late evening with people young and old doing the electric slide, wining to soca, and we even got to see some live Karaoke & Ballroom dancing, a Q in the Community specialty. Not only that, people came from New York, Boston, and Montreal just to take in the festivities! It was quite the site to see!

But what made it more awesome is that we had the pleasure of setting up as a vendor and we brought out our Bajan TDOT Tees to help all the beautiful Bajans represent their island the clutch way! It was non stop action as people approach our booth, chatted, laughed, and supported by getting their tees.  It was such a pleasure to connect with the Bajan community and the support we received as truly humbling.  A very big shoutout to the Donald Moore Community Services and Sharon Niles of Lux VIP (the premium Cropover Mas Band) andall the beautiful Bajans who came out to support the event. It is our mission to ensure everyone can represent who they are and where they are from and express the love for their city and culture through our WORLDWIDE collection. We will continue until we get to every country so be on the lookout for yours coming soon. Check out some of our amazing pics below but also visit and like our  Facebok page to see the full album:

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