Music Mondays: RUNXGUN are back with Nothing Like It

Music Mondays: RUNXGUN are back with Nothing Like It

Nowadays, it is rare to find a rap duo that is making waves with hard hitting bars, sick lyrics and dope production. Even harder is to find one that is based in Toronto - Mississauga to be exact but just because it's hard to find, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. RUNXGUN are just that, hip hop veterans with a fresh take on "Toronto" Hip Hop if you want to call it that. Hailing from Mississauga, lyrical skill is their main focus for their music which is born out of a collective frustration from naysayers and non-believers telling them how they should move in the rap industry. So, they came together to silence the crowd to deliver a project as they saw fit and the Contra EP was born.

Now they are back with a follow up to Contra and these two artists are fashioning a unique style and creating a lane of their own. With this single, Nothing Like It, you are definitely sold on the beat as soon as it drops but then you hear the lyrics, the flow and the rhymes which don't take long to win you over. Right away, they remind me of a cross between Smiff N Wessun  and Griselda, classic hip hop bars over a hard hitting beats with an underlying theme. Griselda always seemed to go with the throwback wrestling theme but with RunXGun, it's throwback games, hence the name Contra, and now their new project called Super C (Super Contra). It is 7 tracks of dope lyricism and soulful production that real hip hop heads love. Take in the track, follow them on their socials and let us know what you think! Stay Clutch!


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