Music Mondays: Keeping Soca Alive with Gyles & Teddyson

Music Mondays: Keeping Soca Alive with Gyles & Teddyson

Any other year around this time, millions of people around the world would be grearing up for Trinidad Carnival; one of the most amazing spectacles of culture, costumes, and music. Every single year, the biggest  soca artists release a whole new set of songs to match the vibe and get you ready for an entire year of rum, rythym and soca. This year, we have a new soca track from an amazing local artist right here in Toronto that will definitely have you jammin' and winin' in your desk chair. This upbeat groovy riddim comes from a Toronto artist named Gyles and one of the biggest artists out of St Lucia, Teddyson John.

You have to understand how amazing it is to see a Toronto artist represent for the Soca massive, plus get put on a riddim with a huge soca artist is no small feat since these riddims are dominated by the likes of Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Kerwin Dubois and the list goes on. If you feel like reminiscing on feteing in the Summer, jamming downt he road for Caribana or Trinidad Carnival, then let this song lift your soca spirit. Don't worry, by the end of this year and with tracks liket his, Carnivals will be back in full swing in no time. Enjoy! Stay Clutch!

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