Music Mondays: JID is on a wave with Surround Sound

Music Mondays: JID is on a wave with Surround Sound


Over the past few years, Dreamville artists have been super consistent in dropping some amazing single and projects. JID has been a stand out from the beginning and has recently opened up a whole new space for himself. Fun Fact, he recently surpassed J.Cole's monthly listeners on Spotify, mostly due to his collab with Imagine Dragons for the Arcade League of Legends soundtrack. But I would say, it's because if you ever get the chance to listen to JID, you will realize he's super talented and the flow is crazy. Well, if you haven't heard JID, I hope his new track called Surround Sound wins you over.

What hooks you first is the sample which you should recognize from Mos Def's classic, Ms Fat Booty (if you don't know they you are just too young). With that, you are instantly intrigued to see where the song goes, and boy, does the song GO HARD! JID sets it off like Jada Pinkett in the 90s and immediately sets the tone with his quick flow matching the upbeat pace of the song. It then slows down for a second for the sample to come back in just in time for 21 Savage to come through with his classic style. Lastly, Yung Baby Tate, lays a quick serenade that serves as a bridge before JID finishes the track like Mortal Kombat when the beat switches. Not to mention, the visuals are just as amazing as the artists featured on the song.

Hope this gives you some much needed soundtrack as you set your agenda to takeover this week!

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