Music Mondays: Black Illuminati by Freddie Gibbs ft Jadakiss

Music Mondays: Black Illuminati by Freddie Gibbs ft Jadakiss

Music Mondays is all about provide you with some new & classic tracks to start your week off right. This week features a song from two talented lyricists, a beat that kicks with heavy bass and an airy sample that just adds an ominous feeling that is perfect for the storytelling. 

Gibbs starts off with his classic wordy flow and a speedy cadence that gets you as soon as the beat drops. Peep this line "They want to take me out the game like Sha'Carri, Black Illuminati, touch Big Rabbit, streets need a body / I got all of them leeches away from round me, you ain't rich enough to get me here p*&sy, go up the bounty". If that doesn't make you respect Freddie's flow and connect with this song, then I don't know what else to tell you.

And just when you think the song can't get any better, here comes the legend Jadakiss with his rugged voice that makes everything he says sound grittier. He strings together a series of punchlines through the whole verse and goes on for several line with the same rhyme scheme which shows he's one of the GOATs.

Enjoy listening and let us know what else you got on your playlist today. 

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