Darkoo Makes Waves with Slow Down

Darkoo Makes Waves with Slow Down

If you haven't heard of Darkoo, then you are missing out on an amazing artist who is breaking barriers and destroying stereotypes of what a "female" artist should be. A Nigerian-born, UK-based artist, Darkoo first made waves with her hit single "Gangsta" which blew up just months before her 19th birthday and he's been dropping fire ever since. She's leading the way in a genre called "AfroSwing" which blends afrobeats, r&b, trap and dancehall that is taking over the UK. What makes Darkoo unique is that she is fluid, meaning that her gender identity can change day to day and she's known to "switch up" so effortlessly which has lead to plenty speculation about her gender identity. In her opinion, she is just so comfortable with herself and she hopes inspires others to do the same*. It's amazing to see how artists like Darkoo can break the mould and challenges our own perception of how artists should look and act. Apart from that, her new drop with Tion Wayne called Slow Down is that perfect mid-tempo pace to set yourself up for smooth sailing this week. Hope this challenges you to slow down a bit this week and put yourself on cruise control while you still get $h*t done! You won't even feel those speed bumps this week :)

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